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People’s Coalition for the Sahel progress report: “The Sahel: What has changed”

16 June 2022

The People’s Coalition for the Sahel – a group of Sahelian and West African civil society organisations supported by international partners – has issued a progress report to determine what has changed for civilians in the Sahel since 2020. The report maps progress on the basis of the four People’s Pillars of the Coalition: civilian protection, political strategies and governance, humanitarian emergencies and the fight against impunity.

Focusing on Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger, the progress report shows that while some advancements have been made towards a people-centred approach in the Sahel, investments in peace, governance and justice continue to be undermined by the dominance of military approaches and strategies. The report presents important recommendations for Sahelian decision-makers and their international partners to better ensure the protection of people in the Sahel.

Read the report in French here.