Lebanon: Local Capacities for Peace

Innovation and practice for early warning and conflict prevention in response to Syrian refugees in Lebanon

The effects of protracted conflict in Syria have been keenly felt in Lebanon, host to over one million Syrian refugees. Tensions between host communities and refugees have increased, with a spate of attacks recorded. Municipalities and civil society at the frontline of efforts to respond must be strengthened in their efforts to prevent violence in their localities.

Through the Capacities for Peace project, Conciliation Resources and Saferworld aim to highlight community-level insights and analysis on the effects of Syrian refugees in Lebanon, as well as provide a channel of communication between host and refugee populations, and with those working at the national and international level.

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The 'Capacities for Peace' project is kindly funded by the EU Instrument for Stability.

“Building trust is not easy and takes time – we are trying to build trust but things are progressing slowly. It is necessary to work with both Lebanese and Syrians to create a bridge of communication and reassurance.”

Workshop participant, Beirut