Strengthening Technical and Operational Capacity to Implement and Enforce Dual-Use and Arms Trade Controls

A workshop under the aegis of the Technical Expert Working Group on Dual-Use and Arms Trade Controls

In January 2016 a group of practitioners, officials and academics working on arms control issues met in Vienna to discuss how to practically strengthen the implementation and enforcement of trade controls for arms and dual-use items. The workshop brought together experts from China and a range of Wassenaar Arrangement (WA) Participating States, building closer dialogue, understanding and cooperation between interlocutors from these countries on issues related to dual-use and arms trade controls.

This paper presents a summary of the workshop discussions and outcomes. It covers a range of topics, including a comparison of the Chinese list of dual-use goods and technologies with the lists of international regimes, and an assessment of the implications of the Arms Trade Treaty for national end-use and risk assessments. It also details case studies from the UK, Sweden, Russia, China and the US. These case studies illustrate export control policy and practice in action, including the challenges faced in the daily implementation of export controls and how these are addressed.

The workshop was held under a project jointly implemented by Saferworld and the Chinese Academy of International Trade and Economic Cooperation (CAITEC), which seeks to address gaps in the implementation and enforcement of dual-use and arms trade controls and to enhance prospects for more constructive Chinese engagement in key international processes and regimes.

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“At a time when conflicts are becoming more complex and intractable, violent extremism is spreading and terrorist organisations are increasing their lethality and capability, it is crucial to bridge the gaps between different [arms] export controls system and ensure full alignment with international standards.”

Bernardo Mariani