Making Goal 16 count – ensuring a gender perspective

The 2030 Agenda has made ‘peaceful, just and inclusive societies’ a global priority by including peace as a cross-cutting issue and as Sustainable Development Goal 16. It also has enshrined gender equality in Goal 5, which includes several targets on violence against women similar to those under Goal 16. At the global level, discussions have begun on how donors, multilateral agencies, member states and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) can contribute to progress towards each Goal through policies and programming. However, there is an ongoing tendency for those who work on peace, security, development and those who work on gender, to work in separate silos.

This briefing aims to stimulate a discussion on how a gender perspective can be integrated into policy and programming to advance Goal 16 on peaceful, just and inclusive societies. 

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“Ensuring peaceful, just, and inclusive societies for everyone requires integration of gender, as it plays a key role in determining who has access to power, resources, justice, influence and security. ”