Saferworld's submission to the Joint Committee on National Security Strategy: a changing security environment

Saferworld’s submission to the UK Parliament’s Joint Select Committee on National Security Strategy’s inquiry into the government’s National Security Capability Review.

The Joint Committee, made up of members of the House of Commons and the Lords, scrutinises the structures for Government decision-making on national security. The Joint Committee’s inquiry is a welcome moment to reflect on the UK’s strategy for achieving national security, and its capabilities for delivering it, in order to ensure coherence and sustainable results.

This submission sets out some of the trends in the global security environment that inform our work. It also explores the balance between short term securitised approaches to conflict and longer-term peacebuilding which addresses the root causes of conflict. This submission also examines the role and effectiveness of the Department for International Development and the Conflict, Security and Stabilisation Fund in supporting these approaches.

This submission is also published on the Joint Committee’s website.

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