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Saferworld in Somalia and Somaliland

Saferworld has over 14 years' experience in Somalia and Somaliland. Since 2004, we've been working with partners to promote democratisation, ensure governance is more inclusive, and to improve community security.

After decades of civil war and state collapse, there are now reasons for optimism about Somalia’s political future. A permanent federal government formed in 2012, a new president took office in February 2017 following an indirect election process.

To the north, Somaliland has enjoyed greater stability since declaring independence in 1991. In November 2017, it held a successful presidential election that domestic and international observers judged fair and representative.

But Somalia and Somaliland still face challenges including election delays and border disputes. The entire region faces frequent droughts and resource shortages that have led to hunger, poverty and displacement. Our work to promote Somali voices for peace is as important as ever.

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