Joint Committee on National Security Strategy inquiry: The Conflict, Stability and Security Fund

The Joint Committee, made up of members of the House of Commons and the Lords, scrutinises the structures for Government decision-making on national security. The Joint Committee’s inquiry re-examines the Conflict, Stability and Security Fund (CSSF). The CSSF is one mechanism through which the UK can work to deliver on its high-level commitments to bring about more peaceful, just and inclusive societies, which the government actively advocated for in the Sustainable Development Goals. Our submission will draw on some of our experience with the CSSF, but will also speak to the wider strategic questions around the CSSF’s set-up and ways of working. In particular, it takes stock of ongoing efforts by the CSSF to improve transparency and performance and the importance of the government, particularly the National Security Council (NSC), ensuring policy coherence in the pursuit of peace overseas.  

This submission is also published on the Joint Committee’s website.