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Beyond consultations: a tool for meaningfully engaging with women in fragile and conflict-affected states

All women have a fundamental right to meaningfully participate in the decisions that frame and impact their lives. Despite this, globally, we are failing to meaningfully engage with women living in fragile and conflict-affected states or include them in decisions and leadership positions on the policies, processes, and programmes that affect their lives. There is also clear evidence that women’s inclusion in political processes leads to more effective peace and stability.

The Beyond Consultations tool is designed to support actors to move towards more meaningful engagement with women in fragile and conflict-affected states, in response to feedback that many consultation exercises tend to be extractive, tokenistic and disempowering.

The tool enables a self-assessment of current consultation practices and provides a best practice framework to ensure that women and women’s organisations are fully engaged in decision-making processes. It should be used as early as possible during the planning and design phase of engagement, and regularly revisited throughout the participation activity and its evaluation.

Visit the Beyond Consultations website to download the tool and learn more.

The tool was developed jointly by Gender Action for Peace and Security (GAPS), Women for Women International, Amnesty International, Womankind and Saferworld.