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Strategic trade control outreach and industry compliance

Strategic trade controls (STCs) are a critical part of national and international efforts to prevent the proliferation of sensitive technologies and the development of weapons of mass destruction. This resource manual supports government outreach on STCs and encourages industry compliance with national and international laws and agreements.

Together with partners from the Center for Policy Research of the University at Albany and the Chinese Academy of International Trade and Economic Cooperation, this resource manual has emerged as the result of discussions among an independent Expert Working Group (EWG) comprising government officials, academic experts and industry representatives from Asia, Europe and North America. It will be used as the basis for EWG’s future engagement with government and industry on STC compliance across Asia and internationally.

The first section includes a range of strategies and methods for facilitating STC outreach by governments and other stakeholders. The second section addresses the development of internal industry STC compliance programmes.

Download the resource manual Strategic trade control outreach and industry compliance: tools and resources.

Download the manual in Chinese.