Deepening federalism: Post-federal analysis on marginalised communities in Nepal’s Tarai region

This report uses the experiences of the Madhesi Salit, Muslim and Tharu communities in Nepal's Terai region to analyse the dynamics of marginalisation and opportunities post-federalism. 

Madhesi Dalit, Muslim and Tharu communities are the three major marginalised groups in the Terai region. These three groups share some common forms of marginalisation and exclusion: socio-economic deprivation, exclusion from the state power and lower political representations. They also have group-specific experiences of discrimination and injustice, and stories of collective struggles for their rights.

This report, published by Saferworld and International Alert, draws on field-level findings and contextual analysis and provides a localised analysis of emerging processes of marginalisation in the post-federal contexts in Nepal’s Terai region.

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