Peace, security and justice in Karamoja: amplifying the voices of women and girls

Despite improved national and international instruments for preventing gender-based violence and pursuing justice, peace and security, women and girls in Karamoja in northern Uganda face serious challenges.

With our partner the Centre for Conflict Resolution, we conducted a gender analysis of conflict in the Karamojan districts of Moroto, Amudat and Kaabong in 2018 and 2020.

We found that prevailing social norms are still deeply patriarchal, and men’s dominance in social, economic and political affairs is an accepted part of life. Women are seen not only as subservient to men, but as resources or possessions.

This briefing identifies the gender-based constraints faced by women, girls and boys in influencing peace and security processes, and in accessing justice for violence and human rights abuses perpetrated against them.

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