Supporting civil society and women’s rights organisations in fragile and conflict-affected contexts: Somalia report

In Somalia, women’s rights organisations and civil society organisations act as first responders to crises and emergencies. They help improve communities’ well-being and reduce violence and tensions, filling gaps left by the central and federal member states’ government and are best placed to understand the gender dynamics that both fuel violence and conflict and hinder women and girls’ rights.   
Somali Women Development Centre, Gender Action for Peace and Security (GAPS) and Saferworld conducted a mapping exercise of the challenges and opportunities faced by women's rights organisations and other civil society organisations working on issues relating to women, peace and security in Somalia.  
This report outlines these challenges and opportunities, and highlights how a move towards equal partnerships and shifting power to these organisations is needed in Somalia – providing recommendations for how donors, NGOs, government and civil society can take this forward.

The report is part of “The Key to Change: Supporting Civil Society and Women’s Rights Organisations in Fragile and Conflict Affected States”, a partnership between GAPS, Saferworld, Somali Women’s Development Centre, WILPF Nigeria, Women’s International Peace Centre, Women for Women International and Womankind Worldwide. This initiative also includes reports on South Sudan and Nigeria, as well as an overarching report.

Read the report in English and Somali.

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