Statements to the UN Security Council on behalf of the Civil Society Coalition on Human Rights and Counter-Terrorism

We publish two statements made to the UN Security Council during a closed session of the Counter-Terrorism Committee on behalf of the Civil Society Coalition on Human Rights and Counter-Terrorism.

The first statement is by our Senior Policy and Advocacy Adviser, Jordan Street. The second statement is by Hamsatu Allamin, Founder and Executive Director of Allamin Foundation for Peace and Development.

“A more holistic and intersectional approach is needed to address the relationship between gender equality, women’s rights, peace, security and counter-terrorism, and this must be centred on advancing women’s human rights, addressing structural inequality, and tackling gendered drivers of armed conflict – including the role of patriarchal power structures and violent masculinities in fuelling the production of both violent movements and heavy-handed, counter-productive responses to them.” - Hamsatu Allamin

“We need to be clear that negative impacts from counter-terrorism policy and practise on civil society and civic space are happening repeatedly. These are not impacts that can be written off as unpredictable or isolated. It is incumbent on all of us to take these negative impacts seriously with a policy response that does not dismiss them as unavoidable consequences.” - Jordan Street

These two statements were delivered during briefing of the United Nations Security Council Committee on Counter-Terrorism on “Comprehensive approaches to countering terrorism and violent extremism conducive to terrorism and the role of civil society and other non-governmental actors”, held at United Nations Headquarters, New York, on Wednesday, 18 May 2022.

Read the first statement here and the second statement here.