Water provision as a peacebuilding tool

Conflict-sensitivity and water in Uganda

The provision of safe water has the potential both to greatly improve quality of life for communities and to contribute to other long-term development improvements.

But this potential can be undermined if water services are provided in a way that aggravates tensions or conflicts in the beneficiary communities.

This report shows how taking a conflict-sensitive approach to water delivery can improve the day-to-day work of water sector practitioners, effectively address the needs of water consumers and ensure investments in water delivery contribute to peaceful and prosperous communities.

The report reviews:

  • existing national water policies 
  • key actors in the water sector 
  • the assessment and planning phases 
  • the software (working with communities) 
  • operation and maintenance of water provision


It then outlines how conflict sensitivity can be integrated and developed in each of these areas to make water service delivery in Uganda better contribute to peace.

Specific considerations are also outlined for the conflict-affected regions of Northern and North-Eastern Uganda.

The report identifies some areas that can be taken forward to ensure that provision of water facilities across Uganda have a positive impact upon long-term peace and development.