Public security needs and perceptions in Ukraine

EU's SSR aid programming for Ukraine

This report was produced under the Initiative for Peacebuilding, an EC funded project to develop and promote knowledge and expertise on conflict prevention and peace-building and recommend practical ways to implement people-centred approaches to security building activities. The project draws together the complementary geographic and thematic expertise of 10 civil society organisations (and their networks) with offices across the EU and in conflict-affected countries.

Security sector reform (SSR) in Ukraine is a slow and complex process hindered by the Soviet legacy, competing political interests and lack of a clear national sector-based strategy. International donors’ support covers many aspects of Ukraine’s security system, but is far from well coordinated and strategic. Crucially, it often fails to focus its programming according to human security needs, which requires genuine public consultation during the planning and later stages. Two projects considered in this report, EUBAM and UPAC, illustrate how this gap can be partly addressed via engagement with communities and civil society in the course of project implementation.

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