The Western Balkans

People's Peacemaking Perspectives

Unresolved border issues and poor management of borders are creating insecurity for local people throughout the Western Balkans.

Local people in the five areas studied have little voice in the processes to demarcate borders, with unresolved border issues compounding the economic difficulties that they already face. The case of the Serbia-Kosovo border stands out in particular as needing more concerted international attention.

Based on these findings Saferworld is recommending that the EU encourages the bilateral resolution of border disputes, supports efforts to improve border management, and promotes approaches to border demarcation that are centred around the people affected. It should also prioritise areas at higher risk of violent conflict – particularly the boundary between Serbia and Kosovo.

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“This process takes place only between Zagreb and Sarajevo, as if it does not concern us, the people living in this area.”

PPP discussion group participant, Bosnia and Herzegovina