From conflict analysis to peacebuilding impact

Lessons from the People's Peacemaking Perspectives Project

The People’s Peacemaking Perspectives (PPP) project was a joint initiative implemented by Conciliation Resources and Saferworld, in close collaboration with a number of local actors and organisations, some of them established partners. These relationships were central to the project’s success. Over 18 months we conducted 18 studies across a range of contexts. All sought to reflect the perspectives of those most closely affected by conflict through participatory approaches.

Beyond research and analysis, the PPP sought to build the capacity of local actors to articulate their needs, views and ideas to decision makers and created opportunities for this to happen; through advocacy training, in-country meetings with national and EU officials, as well as by bringing local actors to Brussels and other EU capitals for face-to-face meetings. In doing so, we aimed to raise awareness among local actors that their views and ideas are legitimate and to convey to policymakers the need to listen to local voices. We sought to ensure that these contacts and channels of communication will continue beyond the project.

Through the PPP project we have gathered a wide range of evidence supporting the need for participatory approaches to conflict analysis. Crucially, the project has brought the views and perspective of local people affected by conflict right to the heart of decision-making in Brussels and other international capitals.

This following report and policy brief presents key messages and findings from the PPP project. They are relevant not only to EU actors working in or on conflict-affected and fragile states and the peacebuilding community, but to anyone who recognises the importance of conflict analysis and is striving to do – and to use – it more effectively.

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“It is very important for analysis to reflect the experience of those most affected by conflict... It is important to hear their views and base future actions on that information.”

President of local development organisation, Pakistan