Potential for renewed violence in Kosovo and the region

This briefing contains an analysis of the context in the Western Balkans region in April 2012 and highlights key data from Saferworld’s latest annual perception survey in Kosovo. Both the context analysis and the survey data show a marked deterioration in attitudes and an escalation of tensions which have the potential to result in renewed violent conflict.

The survey data was collected in December 2011 as part of a Kosovo-wide public perceptions survey. It will be followed by a full report with analyses of all the data, which will be available in May 2012.

“Even though in late 2010 and early 2011 people were still hopeful that the EU facilitated talks between Kosovo and Serbia would be constructive, they were also concerned that the outcome could put further strain on inter-ethnic relations, which could in turn lead to a deterioration of the security situation or even renewed violent conflict.”