From word to deed

Proposals for an effective Arms Trade Treaty implementation regime

Drawing from the discussions that were held during a series of six seminars organised by Saferworld and attended by government and civil society representatives from all world regions as well as by representatives of international and regional organisations, this report contains detailed recommendations for an effective and workable Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) implementation regime.

These proposals are of a comprehensive nature, reflecting both the wide-ranging discussion that took place at each of the six seminars and the view of Saferworld that an effective ATT will require robust implementation provisions. These include inter alia: reporting and transparency mechanisms; clear requirements for national implementation; systems for consultation, co-operation and information exchange; international co-operation and assistance to support national implementation and victim assistance; effective institutional support in the form of an Implementation Support Unit; and provisions for follow-up and Treaty review as well as for effective dispute settlement and early entry into force.

In producing this report, Saferworld is seeking to encourage detailed consideration of a comprehensive range of ATT implementation issues during the July 2012 Diplomatic Conference (DipCon) with the aim of encouraging an optimal outcome. Attention herein is focussed upon those issues that are most complex or potentially controversial; those Treaty aspects that are considered relatively standard, such as provisions for withdrawal, have not been addressed.

“The establishment of the provisions set out in the report 'From word to deed' would go a considerable way to creating a Treaty with the real potential to enhance state and human security and, in doing so, to save lives and livelihoods”

Elizabeth Kirkham, Saferworld