A vision of goals, targets and indicators

Addressing conflict and violence from 2015

This briefing presents options for goals, targets and indicators for integrating commitments to address conflict and violence across different sectors of the post-2015 development framework. Drawing on the global evidence reviewed in a series of Saferworld issue papers entitled ‘Addressing conflict and violence from 2015’, this new briefing  considers key issues in the post-2015 debate, including:

  • Should goals, targets and indicators be global?
  • Setting the right targets
  • Options for integrating targets
  • Getting the indicators right
  • Specific indicator options for peace-related targets

The aim of the briefing is to illustrate a model of how the post-2015 framework can be designed to do two things: motivate decision makers to pursue the right policy responses to reduce violence and prevent conflict; and provide an accurate picture of progress as they do so.

The briefing also analyses the quality and coverage of current data sources on key issues, arguing that although there is a surprising amount of data that measures the right things, capacity for measuring progress that is global, regular, confidential, impartial and trusted needs to be developed.

Read the briefing here.