Empowering conflict-affected communities to respond to security problems in South Ossetia

The 2008 war over South Ossetia was the dramatic culmination of years of conflict. Although the situation has stabilised since the 2008 ceasefire, on-going violence during the previous nineteen years has left lasting infrastructural, economic, and psychological damage. Today local residents face a range of daily challenges, from reduced opportunities to earn a living to concerns around unexploded ordnance, which undermine both perceptions of security and peaceful development of communities. In response, Saferworld and the Association of South Ossetian Women for Democracy and Human Rights have been working with conflict-affected communities in Dzhava and Znaur/i districts since November 2011 and in Tskhinval/i district since April 2012, supporting communities to work with local security actors to improve security at the local level. This publication outlines the partners’ approach during this initial phase of work.