Security for all – a challenge for Eastern Abkhazia

Community perceptions of safety and security

This report assesses public perceptions of the safety and security of communities living in Eastern Abkhazia, based on the results of a household survey and focus group discussions. It also provides local assessments of the perceptions of the effectiveness of security providers and perspectives on the potential for increased tensions and ways to reduce them.

The aim of the report is to provide locally informed insights on the local dynamics and factors that shape the security and livelihoods of communities in Eastern Abkhazia and, based on this assessment, propose locally appropriate ways of responding to causes of insecurity. Findings are based on a household survey conducted in January 2013 across four target areas, as well as five focus group discussions with local people living in these areas. Saferworld published two previous tracker surveys in March 2011 and July 2012. Comparative analysis of the results of these surveys with the most recent data allows us to identify trends and changes regarding the safety and security situation in Eastern Abkhazia over the past three years.