From the High Level Panel report to an accountability framework

Addressing conflict and violence from 2015

This briefing was prepared as an input into consultation meetings hosted by the UN in June 2013 on the accountability framework for the post-2015 development agenda. It adapts analysis previously prepared by Saferworld in light of the publication of the High Level Panel of Eminent Persons on the Post-2015 Development Agenda’s report ‘A New Global Partnership’. It examines the correspondence between the High Level Panel’s (HLP) report and Saferworld’s existing analysis and suggests key ways to build a robust accountability framework, building on and deepening the vision for sustainably addressing conflict and violence set out in the HLP’s report. More specifically, it:

  •  Responds to UN consultation questions on priorities related to conflict, violence and governance for the post-2015 development framework, and how these can be addressed in peacebuilding targets,
  • Reaffirms the priorities for addressing conflict and violence identified in our previous research and analysis on the post-2015 framework, and assesses their coverage in the HLP’s illustrative framework,
  • Suggests ideas for refining the broadly positive illustrative targets set out by the HLP,
  • Notes two gaps in the HLP report’s coverage of the key issues,
  • Reaffirms key messages on how to frame post-2015 indicators on peacebuilding and violence reduction issues, and
  • Matches relevant potential indicators identified in recent Saferworld publications to the targets set out in the HLP’s report.

“Capacity for measuring progress that is global, regular, confidential, impartial and trusted needs to be developed. Early agreement on specific targets and indicators, and political buy-in to the project of building shared capacities to measure the right things in impartial ways is now the way forward.”