China ATT Update

Issue 5

This is the fifth issue of ATT Update, an e-newsletter co-published by Saferworld and Tongji University. In the Update we examine questions surrounding conventional arms and track international efforts to regulate the global transfer of these weapons under the UN Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) process. It is a platform for Chinese experts, academics, and students to exchange views and analyses.

The Arms Trade Treaty was adopted by a majority at the United Nations on 2 April 2013, opening for signature the next day, and has to date been ratified by nine States. However, the Treaty text does still present ambiguities that must be addressed at the implementation stage. This edition looks at next steps to ensure an effective ATT, as well as examining the reasons for why China did not sign the Treaty. Yun He provides her analysis on why China abstained, while Professor Ouyang Liping outlines reasons for being optimistic about China’s potential signature and ratification.

*The information and views set out in this update are those of the author/s and do not necessarily reflect the official views and positions of Saferworld.

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 《ATT通讯》第5 期




“In principle the Chinese Government is supportive of the Treaty. However, before signing and ratifying the Treaty, time is needed to study, scrutinise, and digest it.”

Professor Ouyang Liping