Strengthening the New Deal from the Bottom Up: Perspectives on the Somali Compact and Somaliland Special Arrangement

One year since the endorsement of the Somali New Deal Compact, Saferworld and World Vision examine civil society and community perspectives on the Compact, including the separate Somaliland Special Arrangement (SSA).

The New Deal for Engagement in Fragile States provides a country-owned and led framework through which to address peacebuilding, statebuilding, and development, and better coordinate donors in support of these objectives. At the centre of the Somali New Deal lies the Compact, which contains a distinct arrangement for Somaliland in the Somaliland Special Arrangement (SSA). One year since their endorsement, Saferworld and World Vision conducted research with members of civil society and communities to gain their perspectives on the Compact and SSA, identifying convergence between as well as gaps in the priorities identified by each. Respondents highlighted the need for greater emphasis on social reconciliation when looking at inclusive politics; strengthening and re-establishing policing services when looking at security; the need to assess how to improve traditional dispute resolution mechanisms when looking at justice; the need to focus further on resilience when looking at economic foundations; and the provision of quality basic services when looking at revenues and services.

The report argues for:

  • a greater focus on conflict sensitivity
  • complementing statebuilding approaches with peacebuilding ones
  • an increased focus on community-based approaches
  • greater inclusion of district administrations, civil society and the public in New Deal processes
  • a strengthening of the monitoring and evaluation framework, and
  • coordination with ongoing humanitarian and resilience efforts to maximise the Compact and SSA’s impacts for all people.

Action now by all authorities in Somalia and Somaliland and the international community will maximise the potential of New Deal processes to effect positive, sustainable and meaningful change.

Download Strengthening the New Deal from the Bottom Up: Perspectives on the Somali Compact and Somaliland Special Arrangement.

“As the ultimate beneficiaries of New Deal processes, all Somali people must be at the heart of peacebuilding and statebuilding efforts if they are to be truly transformational.”

Saferworld and World Vision