ATT Update 8

This is the eighth issue of ATT Update, co-published by Saferworld and the School of Political Science at Tongji University. The ATT Update is a platform for Chinese and other international experts, academics, and students to exchange their views on efforts to regulate international transfers of conventional arms under the ATT process.

On Wednesday 24 December 2014 the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) entered into force, providing states that are party to the Treaty with the opportunity to demonstrate transparency and responsibility in conventional arms control to an unprecedented international standard. The enshrinement of the ATT into international law is a major stepping stone towards the reduction of irresponsible arms transfers that support instability, corruption and human rights violations.

In this issue of the ATT Update, Saferworld’s Small Arms and Transfer Controls Adviser, Elizabeth Kirkham, reflects on China’s decision not to sign the ATT. The second article takes the form of a question and answer session, focusing on China’s engagement with the ATT, with a range of Chinese experts on arms control and the subsequent reaction from Saferworld.