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Stories from Rudaki counselling centre
Case study

Stories from Rudaki counselling centre

Women and youth in Rudaki district, Tajikistan face many challenges and threats to their security – including violence at home. As part of Saferworld and our partner Jahon’s support to community policing partnership teams, we have provided a small grant for the team in Rudaki to open a psychological and legal counselling centre. This centre will help in addressing domestic violence issues in the community and preventing further conflict from happening.

8 September 2020
Case study

"They stand for justice": communities in action in Baidoa

The city of Baidoa in south-west Somalia has experienced significant instability and change over the last 30 years. We spoke to community members in Baidoa about their experiences and the work they are doing to rebuild a fractured society and create sustainable peace. 

22 July 2020
Case study

"May the rights of women prevail": activism in Nepal

Basundhara Gaire, a mother and a women’s rights activist, works to support women in Nepal. She visits Dalit women and women of other minorities daily, and supports them to be self-dependent through education. 

1 May 2020