Afghanistan has been affected by conflict and insecurity for decades. Despite some notable progress in recent years, the country remains near the bottom of the Human Development Index – a measure of human wellbeing, and the top of the Corruption Perceptions Index. To break the cycle of conflict, there will need to be significant efforts to reform governance – from reducing corruption to increasing access to services and justice for all.

Our work

Saferworld began working in Afghanistan in 2017. We work with partners to harness the potential of governance reform projects to build long-term, sustainable peace among communities at provincial level. We support the development of economic relationships which contribute to long term stability and peace between Afghanistan and neighbouring India and Pakistan. This work takes place in cities accross Afghanistan, Pakistan and elsewhere in Asia.

Saferworld also works in partnership with Oxfam in Afghanistan on the Citizens Charter programme, a ten year World Bank funded project that supports governance reform across the 34 provinces of Afghanistan. We have met with communities across the country to find out ways to improve governance and ensure that voices, including minorities who are often excluded, are heard. We work to make sure decision making is sensitive to local contexts and does not inflame tensions or worsen people’s grievances in four areas: Daikundi, Bamyan, Herat (urban) and Herat (rural).  

Our partners in Afghanistan

Afghan Studies Center

Organisation for Economics Security & Peace in Afghanistan