Photo credit: Marcus Perkins/Saferworld
Photo credit: Marcus Perkins/Saferworld

South Sudan

The world’s youngest country, South Sudan, was born of a history of armed struggle. Despite an August 2015 peace deal and declaration of a ceasefire, the war that started in 2013 continues today, largely falling along ethnic lines. Communities across South Sudan are affected by ongoing violence and economic collapse.

Our work

Saferworld has been working in South Sudan since 2002.

In eight states across South Sudan, Saferworld and its partners work with community members, civil society partners, local authorities and ‘hard to reach’ groups such as women, young people, and non-state security providers. Together, we identify and address safety and peacebuilding needs that are specific to the different communities.

We also work to strengthen small arms controls and to promote more effective and community-focused engagement on weapons proliferation from national institutions and international organisations.

In South Sudan we are working on:

People's security and justice – we improve community safety in South Sudan by speaking with communities, helping them identify their security and peacebuilding needs, and encouraging locally-owned responses.

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Gender, peace and security – we work for gender equality in South Sudan by working to transform roles that perpetuate conflict, and by promoting more equitable relationships.

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Amplifying young voices – we help young people learn about democratic processes and we encourage them to become active members of society.

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