Photo credit: Khusrav Zukhurov/Saferworld
Photo credit: Khusrav Zukhurov/Saferworld

Gender, peace and security

Women in Tajikistan face very different threats to their security than men. Examples include domestic violence, discrimination, early marriage, lack of job opportunities and economic dependence on their husbands. Nearly half of Tajik women have faced some form of physical or sexual violence in their lifetimes.

Saferworld began working with communities and police officers in 2016, to look at gender-specific issues, such as domestic violence, and to ensure that police officers are equipped to be sensitive when handling cases of this type. For many police officers, these discussions are the first opportunity they have to hear from women and girls about gender-specific security challenges in their communities. With this information in mind, they are able to change their approach to policing to be more aware of and more sensitive to the particular threats that women and girls face – thus making women and girls more likely to report abuse.

Saferworld also helps to increase women’s role in the police force, as well as addressing the obstacles women face when attempting to join. We look at the cultural, societal and religious barriers that prevent women from being hired or retained and also the challenges they face in the job once recruited.

We advocate change in how the police force operates by speaking with the national police force and policymakers as well as officers at police stations.