Photo credit: Olimjon Bakhtaliev
Photo credit: Olimjon Bakhtaliev

Youth, peace and security

Young people have enormous potential to build peace in their communities but they are often denied the opportunity to do so. Instead, they are frequently stigmatised, seen as agitators of conflict, excluded from political processes, and not given a say in decisions that affect their lives.

In Tajikistan, young people face exclusion from decision-making, a high unemployment rate, and a tendency among older generations to blame problems on them. According to our assessments and conversations with young people, this sense of injustice and exclusion had resulted in higher vulnerability to recruitment into violent groups and an increase in crime by young people.

With our partners, we promote the positive role young people can play in supporting peace through analysis, outreach campaigns that focus on positive messages to communities, training and dialogue. We also work with young people through safe platforms to build their skills and organise peer-to-peer support between youth.

To ensure young people are brought into conversations within their communities about safety and security, we involve youth leaders in community policing partnership teams, and support community plans that address the needs of young people through small grants.