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Our work in action

Polling in the South Sudan independence referendum

What does our work actually look like? Read case studies and project profiles highlighting our work in action.

A snapshot of life along the Azerbaijan-Armenia border

A Saferworld-supported project trained local villagers along the Azerbaijan-Armenia border in photography so they could raise awareness of the challenges they face as a result of the long-standing conflict between the two countries. 

9 June 2017

Peace over the airwaves: pre-election dialogues in Kenya

With a history of election violence and worsening drought conditions, Kenya is facing numerous challenges in the run up to the August elections. Our recent work in Isiolo County has helped initiate a dialogue between different farming communities through the accessible means of radio.

2 June 2017

Bridging divides in Kenya: lessons from a Chinese construction project

Chinese investment in Africa has the potential to greatly affect local communities. Our recent work with COVEC, a Chinese construction company, helped facilitate dialogue between company employees and local people to discuss the construction of a vital bridge.

2 May 2017

Witnesses to Somalia's democratisation process

With Somalia’s 2016 electoral process now finished, Saferworld-supported election observers share their views, findings and hopes for the democratic future of their country.

4 April 2017

Helping police to be gender-sensitive in Pakistan

A project in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan aimed to reduce violence against women by helping police to be more gender-sensitive.

17 January 2017

Reducing school bullying and extortion in Kyrgyzstan

Together with partners, Saferworld has looked into the significant problem in Kyrgyzstan of school bullying and extortion and has advocated for change at the national level.

23 November 2016

Tea and peace: talking about child neglect and finding solutions at the teahouse in Kyrgyzstan

A youth-initiated project takes on the hidden problem of 'social orphans' - children who have been left behind by their parents and who face discrimination and neglect.

8 November 2016

Young filmmakers document experiences of Yemeni diaspora in Liverpool

As part of a participatory video project group of teenagers from Liverpool have produced a film documenting the experiences of the local Yemeni diaspora.

7 November 2016

Keeping girls’ education high on the agenda in Kyrgyzstan

A youth project promotes higher education for women and girls, while taking aim at early marriages

6 September 2016

From bias to cooperation – a personal transformation in Kyrgyzstan

The 'Youth Ambassadors' project in Kyrgyzstan seeks to overcome divides by bringing different ethnic groups together to identify solutions to security issues faced by communities. For 20-year-old Muhambetalli, working together with Uzbeks helped change his pre-conceived notions. 

1 September 2016

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