Photo credit: GMB Akash/Panos/Saferworld
Photo credit: GMB Akash/Panos/Saferworld

Aims and values

Our vision

We believe in a world where everyone can lead peaceful, fulfilling lives, free from fear and insecurity.

Our mission

We work to prevent violent conflict and build safer lives. We work to create environments where the following three conditions for peace are in place:

  • People play an active role in preventing and transforming conflict and building peace.
  • People have access to fair and effective paths to address the grievances and inequalities that drive conflict.
  • People with influence exercise their power to promote just and equitable societies.

Our values and principles

Our integrity as an organisation comes from the values and principles that guide our work.

Our values

  • We believe in the worth, equality and dignity of every person, and respect the richness of social and cultural diversity.
  • We believe that inclusivity and accountability are essential in society for people to enjoy security, justice and peaceful co-existence.
  • Our actions must show honesty and transparency, and consistency with our principles and mission.

Our principles

  • We put people at the centre of our work, particularly those affected by conflict and insecurity.
  • We promote and support inclusive and cooperative approaches to decision-making.
  • We understand that everything we do can have positive or negative effects on conflict dynamics and gender relationships, and being sensitive to this is central to our work.
  • We are a learning organisation, striving to learn from each other – staff, partners and communities.
  • We are accountable to the communities and partners we work with, and to the donors and public who support our work.

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