Effective arms control

Machine guns and rifles kill hundreds of thousands of people each year. Larger arms and weapons systems – such as tanks, military aircraft and artillery – cause large-scale destruction of life, property and infrastructure. While states have a right to self-defence and a duty to police their lands and borders, a ready supply of arms and ammunition to those who misuse them can prolong and intensify violent conflict and facilitate human rights violations. Saferworld believes that transparent, responsible and effective regulation of the international arms trade is vital.

Our work

Saferworld works to strengthen national, regional, and international controls on the global transfer of arms. We do this by advising governments and holding them to their obligations – to safeguard people’s security and build peace and not undermine them by misusing or transferring arms irresponsibly. We engage in dialogue with government officials – including through targeted policy briefings and bilateral meetings – to encourage the progressive development of robust and transparent arms controls.

We also work in coalition with other organisations to achieve strengthened and coordinated arms control processes at regional and global levels.

The Arms Trade Treaty  – we work to ensure that this global treaty to regulate the arms trade is implemented.


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