Empowering young people

The vast majority (an estimated 75 per cent) of Kenya’s population is under 35 years old. Young people face many challenges, including high unemployment and a lack of opportunity which can be factors behind young people’s involvement in political violence and susceptibility to exploitation by the political elite. During elections – which are divisive and difficult at the best of times, it is crucial that young people have opportunities to speak and be heard. Without proper representation – economically, socially and politically – young people will continue to be excluded from opportunities for peace, justice and democracy in Kenya.

Saferworld and partners are working to ensure that young people can engage peacefully with elections in Kenya. We create spaces for youth dialogue, and promote peaceful alternatives to addressing grievances and frustrations. We also train young leaders on conflict sensitivity, electoral processes, and how to hold community dialogues. Through this process ‘youth leaders’ help to change communities' approaches to dialogue on election related issues and prevent violence.