We believe that people and communities in conflict-affected countries should lead the long-term efforts for structural change and lasting peace. Effective partnerships that benefit all parties are central to our strategy, approach and to our ways of working.

Our work

We work hard to maintain long-term partnerships with organisations in conflict-affected contexts, especially those with a track record of leadership, experience and expertise. Our approach is based on building trust, mutual challenge and two-way learning.

In solidarity with people living with violence and insecurity, we broker resources, offer technical expertise and,facilitate access to international processes on peace and security. In this way, we aim to amplify the voices of local people, so that their concerns and ideas for solutions can be communicated to those in power at different levels. We also build links and alliances with development actors, business leaders, elected representatives, academics, international and multilateral bodies, and others, to bring greater pressure to bear where it matters and to create greater impact in our aim for sustainable peace and security.

Saferworld runs learning exchanges with partners, creating networks across contexts where people come together regularly through project review meetings, training activities and learning events. We include partners within our cross-organisational learning and practice groups; run exchanges of partners between country programmes; involve them  in project planning and ongoing monitoring, including by helping to define what project success looks like; and consult with them during strategic planning and conflict analysis to ensure that a broader range of information and perspectives inform our work.

Saferworld has formal partnership agreements with 61 partners in the countries where we work, and we have affiliations with many others.

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