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Closing ceremony marks the end of Yemen women’s project

14 September 2018 Closing ceremony marks the end of Yemen women’s project

Project participants, people from communities and civil society released a flight of white doves into the sky to represent the role of women in peace and to mark the end of a joint project between Saferworld and our Yemeni partner Wugood Foundation, at a celebration ceremony in Aden last month.

“We set out to enhance the role of women in security and peace, and to address their security and safety concerns through the work of the project” said Nada Al-Moayyed, Saferworld Project Coordinator. “Over the last two years, through activities both here in Aden and in Ibb, we have worked with around 150 people, mainly women, through six community groups. What has really been impressive is the involvement of women within all stages of the work.”

The ceremony, held at the Coral Hotel, gave participants an opportunity to review the impact of their work which included peacebuilding initiatives led by the groups, awareness raising activities of women’s security concerns and training the groups to be active members in their community.

Amid folk dancing, music and poetry, those involved in the work in Aden were awarded participation certificates.  

A woman putting up a poster as part of a campaign to raise awareness about the dangers of drug use.

At the closing event, Nada gave a presentation highlighting the initiatives carried out by the groups, in both Aden and Ibb, including community work to improve street lighting, help more than 200 women receive identification cards, renovate schools, conduct street cleaning campaigns, disarmament campaigns and awareness-raising about the dangers of drugs. Saferworld and our partners in Yemen will continue to support the groups so that these initiatives will be sustained.

Riem Al Yafie, Project Manager from Wugood Foundation said “we’ve successfully achieved the goals we had when we started the project, namely, that in spite of the conflict we have been able to strengthen the role of women in security and peace.”

Saferworld has been working in Yemen since 2012 – before the war broke out – promoting women’s political participation, holding dialogues on gender, peace and security, and publishing research.

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Top photo: A flight of doves being released into the sky at the Coral Hotel in Aden, representing the role of women in peace.