Mining in Uganda: a conflict-sensitive analysis

The recent discovery of minerals in Uganda offers a significant opportunity for the country to realise it's 2040 economic vision. But investments in the sector also create and fuel tensions in the communities where mining takes place.

Applying conflict-sensitive approaches in Uganda’s mining sector is about preventing the emergence, re-emergence or escalation of violent conflict. The approach seeks to build sustainable peace, by strengthening people’s ability to resolve disputes and tensions through non-violent, constructive methods.

In this research, Saferworld examines whether mining laws, policies and regulations in Uganda can support peaceful, transparent and mutually-beneficial mineral extraction. We spoke to communities living in and around mining areas to explore how they’re affected by mining activities. Our study reveals significant gaps between policy and practice in how mining companies and individual investors operate.

Currently the institutional policy and legal framework of Uganda’s mining sector is being reviewed. This report aims to promote discussion among all those involved in the review process about the views of communities and district leaders; and makes recommendations to reduce and prevent further conflict.

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