China ATT Update

Issue 6

This is the sixth issue of ATT Update, co-published by Saferworld and the School of Political Science at Tongji University. The ATT Update is a platform for Chinese experts, academics, and students to exchange their views on efforts to regulate international transfers of conventional arms under the ATT process.

This issue contains contributions from two scholars from the Shanghai Institutes for International Studies (SIIS), China. Dr Zhang Chun suggests that although China has concerns relating to procedural justice vis-à-vis the adoption of the ATT, the country attaches great importance to the substance of the Treaty. This is why China has been supportive of the negotiation process and, the author argues, this points to China’s possible signature of the ATT in the near future. Dr Wu Chunsi lays out four specific areas in which the international community can cooperate with China to encourage the country to be more engaged in the next steps of the ATT process. This issue of the ATT Update also includes a Q&A session contributed by Saferworld’s Small Arms and Transfer Controls Advisor, Elizabeth Kirkham. She addresses some of the key concerns relating to the legal and procedural aspects of the ATT signature and ratification.

*The information and views set out in this Update are those of the author/s and do not necessarily reflect the official views and positions of Saferworld.

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    本期《ATT通讯》中的两篇文章为来自中国上海国际问题研究院的两名学者所撰写。张春博士指出,尽管中国对《武器贸易条约》通过过程中的程序正义存在着顾虑,中国却高度重视该条约的实质内容,这也是中国支持谈判进程的根本原因。作者认为,这表明中国有可能在不久以后签署该条约。吴莼思博士指出,国际社会可以在四个具体领域与中国展开合作,以便鼓励中国更积极地参与《武器贸易条约》过程的后续事宜。本期《通讯》还包括一个问答部分,由更安全世界的小型武器与转让管控顾问伊丽莎白·可卡姆(Elizabeth Kirkham)编写。她解答了一系列关于签署和批准《武器贸易条约》过程中的关键法律和程序问题。