China ATT Update

Issue 7

This is the seventh issue of ATT Update, co-published by Saferworld and the School of Political Science at Tongji University. The ATT Update is a platform for Chinese and other international experts, academics, and students to exchange their views on efforts to regulate international transfers of conventional arms under the ATT process.

This issue includes contributions from Rodrigo Pintado, Senior Advisor for International Security at Mexico's Vice Ministry for Multilateral Affairs and Human Rights, and from Elizabeth Kirkham, Small Arms and Transfer Controls Adviser, and Roy Isbister, Team Leader of Small Arms and Transfer Controls, both from Saferworld. Rodrigo Pintado notes the strong political commitment to the ATT and explains the idea behind the first Conference of States Parties. Kirkham and Isbister explain why it is in the interests of China to sign the treaty, with key considerations including: combating terrorism, preventing arms transfers to non-state actors, establishing a level playing field for industry, helping to promote stable environments and China’s global role. The introduction is contributed by Anna Macdonald, Director of the Control Arms Secretariat.

*The information and views set out in this Update are those of the author/s and do not necessarily reflect the official views and positions of Saferworld.

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       本期《ATT通讯》 由墨西哥多边事务和人权部副部长办公室国际安全高级顾问罗德里戈•品塔多(Rodrigo Pintado)、更安全世界小型武器与转让管控顾问伊丽莎白•可卡姆(Elizabeth Kirkham)和更安全世界小型武器与转让管控组组长罗伊•伊斯比斯特(Roy Isbister)赐稿。罗德里戈•品塔多强调了《武器贸易条约》所获得的强有力的政治承诺,随后阐释了关于首届缔约国大会的理念。可卡姆和伊斯比斯特解释了为何中国需要尽快签署条约的原因,其中主要包括以下因素:打击恐怖主义,防止武器转让给非国家行为体,确保产业的公平竞争环境,有助于促进全球稳定并提升中国的国际地位。本期刊物序言由武器管控联盟秘书处主任安娜•麦克唐纳德(Anna Macdonald)赐稿。

      *《ATT通讯》 中的信息和观点仅代表作者本人,不代表更安全世界的官方观点和立场。

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