Photo credit: Tom Martin/Saferworld
Photo credit: Tom Martin/Saferworld

South and South East Asia

South and South East Asia have seen extraordinary levels of economic growth and political change over the past few decades. The region has the potential to generate a significantly positive impact on future global development. But weak governance, corruption, and acute poverty create potential for conflict between and within countries. All countries in the area are vulnerable to natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods and cyclones – which further risk regional insecurity. 

Saferworld has been working in South and South East Asia since 2005 and we have offices in Bangladesh, Nepal and Myanmar. We work on a range of issues including cooperative approaches to community safety, small arms control, understanding the relationship between gender, peace and security, and strengthening the security and justice sector. A new strand of our work across Asia is building resilience against conflict provoked by climate change and natural disasters.

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