Photo credit: Alex Kay Potter/Saferworld
Photo credit: Alex Kay Potter/Saferworld

Empowering young people

Saferworld works with youth-led organisations in Taiz, Aden, Hodeidah, Mukalla and Sana’a to support young activists in their peacebuilding work. We do this through supporting local groups and organisations in their development, peacebuilding training, and creating opportunities to meet and build bridges across conflict divides.

We provide small grants to support local youth activities, such as interactive theatre performances, and short films and songs promoting peace. We have also helped young people to communicate with national and international audiences through social media campaigns, including the “Let’s Coexist” video, and through exploring the work of Yemeni street artist, Abdurahman Hussein, in: Murad: #MakeArtNotWar.

Saferworld designed and created an innovative remote peacebuilding course for 120 youth activists using WhatsApp. Through WhatsApp – the most commonly-used mobile platform in Yemen – participants from a variety of geographical and political backgrounds learnt about personal resilience, collective memory, understanding their context, action planning and other practical skills. 

Our work continues to empower young men and women to amplify their voices and communicate their views to wider audiences, learn from each other’s experiences, and bridge conflict divides.

See our video on YouTube, 'Yemen's youth in transition', showing how Saferworld is empowering young men and women.