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Saferworld - Preventing violent conflict. Building safer lives Inclusivity

We work to ensure that peacebuilding processes and governance systems are inclusive and legitimate


We believe in a world where everyone can lead peaceful, fulfilling lives, free from fear and insecurity


We challenge the gender norms that cause and perpetuate conflict and insecurity

Conflict sensitivity

We promote a conflict-sensitive approach to ensure aid promotes peace and does not reinforce conflict dynamics

People first

We put people first, supporting change that empowers local communities to take action and influence decision-making

Latest news and views

Annual Review 2014-15

Saferworld's multimedia Annual Review brings together some of the highlights of our work preventing violent conflict and building safer lives in 2014-15.

View the Annual Review >

UK aid and the SDSR: managing the contradictions around increased aid to fragile states

The government’s commitment in the new Strategic Defence and Security Review to increase aid to fragile states raises important questions about a whole-of-government approach to conflict prevention.

COMMENT & ANALYSIS | 25 November 2015

1325: a useful tool for activists?

In an article originally published by the International Catalan Institute for Peace (ICIP) in Peace in Progress magazine, Hannah Wright assesses the efficacy of UN Security Council Resolution 1325 as a tool for women activists working for peace.

BLOG | 25 November 2015 - Hannah Wright

A just response to climate change violence

Climate change itself is a form of violence, says Dr. Jason Hickel, but right now we don’t have a framework for thinking about it.

BLOG | 24 November 2015 - Dr. Jason Hickel

Will the SDSR be strategic enough about conflict prevention?

Today, the UK Government is publishing its Strategic Defence and Security Review (SDSR). In this article, Saferworld’s Larry Attree argues that a key test of the policy will be the extent to which it balances immediate threats with a coherent strategy for preventing conflict in the long term.

COMMENT & ANALYSIS | 23 November 2015 - Larry Attree

Federalism, conflict and fragmentation in Yemen

In this transcript and audio recording of a Saferworld discussion event, Yemen experts Peter Salisbury (Associate Fellow in the Middle East and North Africa Programme at Chatham House), and Baraa Shiban (Yemen Project Coordinator at Reprieve), discuss the country’s conflict, as well as the political landscape it is rooted in....

RESOURCE | 23 November 2015

Report and accounts 2014-15

The Board of Directors present their report and audited accounts for the year ended 31 March 2015.

RESOURCE | 23 November 2015

Saferworld submission to the International Development Committee's Inquiry on the Sustainable Development Goals

In our submission to the UK International Development Committee’s inquiry on the Sustainable Development Goals, Saferworld focuses on the following three points:

RESOURCE | 20 November 2015

Bangladesh photography project

Local people in Bangladesh document their safety and security concerns through photography.

Our strategy

Read Saferworld's 2014-17 strategy to put people at the centre of peace and security responses.



The Millennium Development Goals are set to expire at the end of 2015.

Protect civilians project: Armenia-Azerbaijan