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Saferworld - Preventing violent conflict. Building safer lives Inclusivity

We work to ensure that peacebuilding processes and governance systems are inclusive and legitimate


We challenge the gender norms that cause and perpetuate conflict and insecurity


We believe in a world where everyone can lead peaceful, fulfilling lives, free from fear and insecurity

People first

We put people first, supporting change that empowers local communities to take action and influence decision-making

Conflict sensitivity

We promote a conflict-sensitive approach to ensure aid promotes peace and does not reinforce conflict dynamics

Latest news and views

Inside Kenya's war on terror: the case of Lamu

Lamu County on Kenya’s coast: tourist paradise, investment hub, flashpoint of ethnic and religious tensions over land, jobs and representation, and battleground in Kenya’s internationally-backed war on terror with al-Shabaab. Through the words of local people, this long read tells the story of how violence ignited in Lamu in 2014, how this violence was kindled, and what needs to be done to put the fire out.


Spend better, not less: The challenge for UK aid effectiveness

Following the release of two IDC reports on the use of private contractors for the UK's development projects, Tim Midgley looks at how programmes can be improved in conflict-affected contexts.

COMMENT & ANALYSIS | 11 April 2017 - Tim Midgley

Democratisation in Somalia: reflections on 2016 and beyond

Saferworld, PUNSAA and SOSCENSA held an event on 6 March 2017 in Nairobi, Kenya, to reflect upon the 2016-17 electoral process in Somalia

COMMENT & ANALYSIS | 4 April 2017 - Oliver Chevreau

Witnesses to Somalia's democratisation process

With Somalia’s 2016 electoral process now finished, Saferworld-supported election observers share their views, findings and hopes for the democratic future of their country.

CASE STUDY | 4 April 2017

International efforts to prevent diversion of arms and dual-use goods transfers: challenges and priorities

The diversion of conventional arms from the state into the hands of unauthorised users - such as armed groups - is a major cause for concern in regions of conflict and instability. 

RESOURCE | 4 April 2017

Somalia's 2016 electoral process: preliminary report of the Domestic Election Observer Mission

The dust has settled on Somalia’s recent electoral process, which concluded with Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo’s election as president. With Saferworld’s support, Somali civil society observed every stage of the process to make it more accountable. The Domestic Election Observers’ Mission preliminary report is the culmination of those efforts.

RESOURCE | 3 April 2017

Why is corruption an injustice?

In this 15-minute podcast, Co-Founder of Global Witness Patrick Alley explains why corruption can be considered an injustice, and describes how it drives conflict. 

BLOG | 3 April 2017 - Patrick Alley

Two years of war: supporting Yemeni civil society’s path to peace

On the second anniversary of Yemen’s war, states and international organisations must step up their support to the vital peacebuilding and development work being done by Yemeni civil society and include them in national peace talks. 

COMMENT & ANALYSIS | 26 March 2017 - Saba Albess

Justice and peace blog series

This series of blogs explores ways to include a much broader array of actors in the process of building peace and justice.

Our strategy

Read Saferworld's 2014-17 strategy to put people at the centre of peace and security responses.


SDG16 initiative

A coalition of international organisations – including Saferworld– launched a website that tracks progress toward Sustainable Development Goal 16

Protect civilians project: Armenia-Azerbaijan